Jan 2rd           Club Night
Jan 16th         Training Night
Jan 25th         Committee Meeting
Feb 6th           Club Night
Feb 20th         Training Night
Feb 22nd        Committee Meeting

Mar 6th           Club Night
Mar 20th         Training Night
Mar 29th         Committee Meeting
Apr 3rd           Club Night
Apr 17th         Training Night
Apr 26th         Committee Meeting
May 1st          Club Night
May 15th        Training Night
May 31th        Committee Meeting
Jun 5th           Club Night
Jun 19th        Training Night
Jun 28th        Committee Meeting
Jul 3th            Club Night
Jul 17th          Training Night
Jul 26th          Committee Meeting
Aug 7th           Club Night
Aug 21st        None
Aug 30th        Committee Meeting
Sep 4th           A.G.M. / Club Night
Sep 18th         Training Night
Sep 27th         Committee Meeting
Oct 2nd           Club Night
Oct 16th         Training Night
Oct 25th         Committee Meeting
Nov 6th          Club Night
Nov 20th        Training Night
Nov 29th        Committee Meeting
Dec 4th           Club Night



January :-            Childs Toy
February :-          Race Night
March :-                Mushrooms/Mushroom Box
April :-                   3 Woods Combined (Any Object)
May :-                    4 Sided Lamp
June :-                  Yo-Yo (Yes a yo-yo)
July :-                    2 Wood Tea Light
August :-              4 Tone Whistle
September :-      Race Night
October :-            Precision Turn (As Per Drawings)
Novenber :-         Race Night
December :-        Classic Angel (3 Part Wood) 
Note: Objects previously entered will not count, new turnings only, please.

Other Events   

Sat 24th Feb                                      Club Day at John Bradfords (CONFIRMED)
Fri 6th/Sat 7th April                        Yandles Spring Show
Tues 3rd to Mon  9th April            Lobbs Barn 
21st April - 22nd April                     Probus Hall Open Day
Weds 6th - Sat 9th June                Royal Cornwall Show
Tues 7th Aug                                     Jenny Starbuck (Club Demo)
Tues 21st  - Mon 27th Aug            Lobbs Barn 
Fri 7th/Sat 8th Sept                        Yandles Autumn Show
Sat 29th Sept                                    Grigs Charity Day
Tues 23rd  - Mon 29th Oct            Lobbs Barn 
Demonstrators for Club nights

January -      
February -    
March -           
April  -            
May -              
July -              
June -                        
Aug -     Jenny Starbuck         
Sept -             
Oct -              
Nov -              
Dec -             
  MCT Open Day at Probus Village Hall

21st and 22nd April from 10:00 to 16:00

Demonstrations, sale of items.

​Tea , Coffee all welcome.
Crocadon Farm, St Mellion, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6RL